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After the 2013 collapse of a clothing factory in Bangladesh, our 9 year-old daughter Asha wrote and delivered a moving speech to her school. She spoke to students about the human & environmental costs of the garment industry, and the role kids might play in bringing about change.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, our family of five decided to try shopping exclusively secondhand. We discovered there is no need to compromise on either style or quality!

Inspired by my own love of style & children’s fashion, I launched Eco Outfitters Online, as a labour of style and of conscience.  When I met the the owners of another great resale shop called iSpy Clothing, we immediately recognized one another as cut from the same cloth. Moving forward together as iSpy was the clear next step in the evolution of our family-run boutique. With six kids between us, we know a thing or two about dressing children!

In a world where fast fashion has long-lasting human and environmental consequences, we are slowing it down.  At iSpy, we match great clothes with great kids, for a greater good.  We look forward to working with you!

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